Zimbabwean politician, Jacob Ngarivhume confronted the city council of Harare over failure to collect garbage in

In a video circulating on social media, the politician says he went to inquire to the city council why they are not collecting garbage.

He revealed that the city council said it does not have fuel to fill they vehicles in order to collect rubbish.

“Meanwhile when I was walking in Harare, I discovered that they have enough fuel to destroy illegal Structures,” said Ngarivhume.

Earlier this year, Ngarivhume was arrested for collecting garbage in the area.

Ngarivhume had notified the police of his July Movement’s plans to carry out a clean-up exercise in one of Harare’s old high suburb of Mbare.

However, law enforcement agents turned down his application, but Ngarivhume defied the notice and proceeded to pick up litter at Mbare Musika.

In barring him, the police claimed the opposition leader had waved placards with political messages in a previous clean up exercise.

Watch the video above