A Ghanaian prophet popularly known as the “Naked wire” who promised to expose Bushiri, Bazooka and other fake prophets in Africa died in South Africa on a hotel room.

Prophet Joseph had called one of the South African bloggers to schedule an interview where he was going to expose fake prophets but he died before it happened.

When the South African blogger narrated how he met the Naked Wire, he revealed that he was once a fake prophet but he repented and that is why he wanted to expose other fake prophets.

In an audio played in the vlog, the prophet revealed that he was threatened to join a certain cult when he was sick and he had no choice because he wanted to be well again.

He opened that Bazooka and him were from the same cult and they were friends but he was now willing to expose them.

The Naked Wire died in a hotel room aloneĀ  before exposing exposing the fake prophets and also claims that he knew all the tricks used by the fake prophets since he claims that he was once one.

It was debatable whether he had repented or not because he still lived a reckless life, sleeping around with many women which the led to a sad death.