Ford has today unveiled their new truck, the Maverick, which starts at under $20 000.

In a promotional video issued by Ford on their YouTube channel, the company said:

The Maverick is the first ever standard full hybrid truck, Maverick come standard as a five passenger four door pickup available in Excel, Excel T and laryea trim levels.

The standard 2.5 liter hybrid has a targeted EPA estimated rating of 40 miles per gallon in the city, and 500 miles of range on a single tank of gas.

The truck bed is a makerspace, this flex bed system offers all kinds of organization and DIY solutions like vertical and horizontal slots for two by four and two by six boards that you can use to build your own bike racks, serve as bed dividers or any number of other solutions, a multi position tailgate and 10 available tie downs to secure your items to available 110 volt outlets, one in the cabin, and one in the bed, which can power phones, tools, and electronics, and a standard electric 12 volt DIY pre wire package in the bed can be used for wiring lights and four and a half foot bed, six feet with the tailgate down can help haul bikes, furniture, or that next DIY project you’re working on.

The Maverick has a lower ride height, which makes getting in and out easy and most adults can reach over the side and easily grab whatever they need.

It has a max payload capacity of 1500 pounds, and standard towing capacity of 2000 pounds. And of course, Maverick is built Ford tough.

Maverick is built with smart technology like a standard embedded modem which allows you to start lock and unlock your vehicle from your Ford Pass app.

The standard eight inch touchscreen also provides seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Five selectable drive modes to help enhance performance and confidence in various driving conditions.

It has Ford copilot 360 technology like standard automatic emergency braking and auto high beams, as well as available adaptive cruise control with stop and go, lane centering and EVASIVE STEERING ASSIST capabilities.

This truck was designed with smart storage solutions to accommodate how people live like there’s a place to store a tall one liter water bottle store your gear in the large bins under the rear seat door pockets for stashing laptops or tablets and bed storage for things like tools or row..

Maverick boasts a tight turning radius and compact size for easy driving and parking around the city.

Maverick has city maneuverability with truck functionality.

The truck is ingeniously designed to be customized, inside and out to suit your lifestyle, and it delivers on the Built Ford Tough durability and capability you expect. Finally, the all new Ford Maverick starts at just under 20 grand.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.