Japan has revealed new advanced self driving tractor concept by Kubota.

According to Top electric YouTube Channel, the autonomous Kubota tractor won’t require a human rider to operate.

The new smart X concept, according to Kubota, is designed to tackle a problem with farming in Japan with farmers retiring due to aging resulting in labor shortage and low operating efficiency, and also the average scale of farming continues to grow.

The concept Smart Tractor has numerous advanced technologies, such as electrification and artificial intelligence.

The X Smart concept promises more than just planting spraying cultivating and harvesting that exist in the Agro Robo tractors that Kubota launched in 2017.

Agro Robo machines still look like modern day tractors and can be operated by a farmer on board, but they can also be controlled by a remote worker to accomplish tasks on its own.

The ex tractor takes a step further from the regular agro Robo series, it’s different in the fact that it has nowhere for a farmer to ride, even if he wanted to.

It’s completely autonomous, you just have to wait for the machine to do its work.

The hulking metallic orange and black vehicle is completely electrically powered via a combination of lithium ion battery packs and solar panels.

Artificial Intelligence systems allows the tractor to monitor factors, such as weather and growth rate of crops, so it can decide when to head out to perform tasks such as tilling and harvest date by monitoring the weather, it will take into account factors like time session of the year, and weather conditions such as wind and rainfall, to be able to know when to assess tasks in order to complete them more efficiently.

Just imagine waking up in the morning and looking out the window to discover that your tractor is rushed off to finish planning because it decided there’s rain on the way!

Please watch the video above this post for more details.