Watch: Shocking video of Zodwa Wabantu asking fan to kiss her b_ehind

Controvesial South Africsn dancer Zodwa Wabantu best known for dressing erotically has been trending again on social media after she posted a video of a fan kissing her behind.

While dancing on stage at one of her recent gigs in Rustenburg, Gauteng, she asked a fan to kiss her behind.

The video shows the fan expressing happiness after kissing Zodwa.

A number of fans were also touching her she seemed unbothered.

However, fans in the comment reacted differently to the video.

Zodwa had some fans loving what she did, while others pointed out how reckless the personal contact at Zodwa’s gigs was since we are still battling against the covid 19 pandemic.

Zodwa was unapologetic because she once revealed that she was comfortable with kissing fans and being touched.

Below is a video of Zodwa asking a fan to kiss her b_ehind. THIS IS INFORMATION IS  NOT FOR VIEWERS  YOUNGER THAN 18