Problematic cars you must never buy in Zimbabwe revealed

A recent survey of over 500 Zimbabweans in Harare has revealed the most problematic cars that one should never buy second hand.

The following came up the most as the cars which one should never buy in Zimbabwe.

1. Nissan Hardbody 2.7D 

This car was named for timing chain and suspension problems, once the car gets old. The Nissan Premera has the same engine and faces the same issues. Nissan Navara, Nissan Skyline also featured for similar problems.

2. Audi/VW

The VW and Audi cars were named for expensive parts and oil leaks. Parts are hard to find for older models even from the dealerships. The common comment was If you want to hate cars buy these cars.

3. Ford Ranger 2.2

This car was named for issues with injectors, gear box and head cylinders once it gets old.

4. Mercedes Benz 

The common view was that Mercedes Benz cars are for financially stable people. Mercedes Benz cars have expensive parts when they breaks down. The A160 was named as the most problematic.

5. Jaguar XF

The common virw was that one should never buy a second hand Jaguar XF or one that is imported from Japan.

6. Geely, GWM, Mahindra

Never buy a GWM in Zimbabwe

Chinese, Indian and French cars made the list for poor engineering and strange looks. Parts are hard to find. You will find it difficult to sell the car when you finally run of money from endless repairs.

Good cars

It was clear from the survey that there are some favorites car brands in Zimbabwe, especially Toyota and Honda which never featured on any of the negative comments.

The Honda fit is a favorite in Zimbabwe

The most recommended cars were the Honda fit, Toyota Prasso, Toyota Runx, Rav 4, Toyota Fortuner, etc.

As a general rule, Zimbabweans agreed to the following rules :

1. Never buy a car you can not afford to maintain or repair or buy parts for.

2. Never buy French, German, Indian or Chinese cars.

3. Never buy a car whose service history you do not know.

4. Buy a car that is common, as parts will be readily available.