ZIMBABWEAN born pop singer Gemma Griffiths revealed that she is proud to be a Zimbabwe.

She said this during a radio interview with KVG.

Gemma posted a clip expressing how happy she is to be Zimbabwean.

“proudly! I am always proud to say that Zimbabwe is home. It is where I grew up, where I took my first steps, where I sang my first song… I owe my whole being to this soil. She made me who I am, and I will forever be grateful that my identity is a proud Zimbabwean woman”

The South African based artiste rose to become a star in Zimbabwe after collaborating with Winky D in their duet MuGarden.

The white musician surprised Zimbabweans when she sang effortlessly in Shona after Winky D had written her the lyrics.
However, Gemma has bounced back with Shona tracks of her own which include Gara Pano and the new release Titungamirire.