Public figures have been warned to observe Covid-19 guidelines following self-proclaimed Prophet Passion Java’s Harare-Bulawayo tour where coronavirus restrictions were ignored.

This comes after videos circulated on social media showing hundreds of Java’s fans  mobbing around his vehicle without wearing face masks.

The video caused commotion on social media and  many were blaming Passion Java for ignoring covod 19 regulations.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi, however, said no complaint had been lodged against Passion Java over the incidents answering to the question why he is not yet arrested.

“Police have not received any report against Prophet Passion in connection with his journey to Kadoma and Gweru where a number of people jostled at his vehicle in a video circulating on social media.

“However, we are urging public figures like him to observe Covid-19 regulations that includes proper wearing of face masks, observing social distancing, hand sanitising and avoid gatherings.

“Covid-19 is real and continuing to take lives and government is still to lift national lockdown measures set to curb the continued spread of the pandemic,” he said.