Watch: Magaya Celebrates Enzo Ishall’s 27th Birthday

Prophet Walter Magaya’s Youth of Innovation os celebrating musician Emzo Ishall’s birthday.

In an interview with Oscar Pambuka and Shamilla, Enzo Ishall revealed that he began his musical career while still at school since he was 11 years.

He said in 2018 he joined Chilspot and he was welcomed very well leading to his growth in the industry.

Enzo said he is where he is because of the music he sings because it has potential to reach high levels however there is lack of financial backing in Zimbabwe.

He added that he is hoping YOI will elevate a number of artists including himself. Enzo revealed that he is looking forward to collaborate with international artists.

Enzo said he will be releasing a new song next week. He said he had plans of releasing an album however the pandemic destroyed his plans.

Enzo is married and has one child named Nenyasha. He said Nenyasha was born when he was in a situation where he needed God the most because his wife was supposed to have an operation leading to the name Nenyasha.