Nashtv blasted over exploitative artiste contract.

Music streaming social media channel Nash TV is allegedly accused of exploiting artiste contract by owning copyrights to their creative content.

This comes after  leaked contracts of performing artists went viral which then resulted to the backlash.

In response to the allegations, Nashtv issued a press release justifying their actions and announcing that all copyrights were to be given back to the local artists who performed for them.

It is suspected that Nashtv was making a lot of money from owning the rights of the artists’ content forever. However, in their statement they were against the allegations.

Below is the statement from Nash TV which Gambakwe Media is publishing in full.

  1. We have always considered ourselves a platform by the people, for the people and for that reason we value public views and feedback to the work we do. Due to the public outcry concerning some of our contracts with artists, we have taken it upon ourselves to release all the copyrights to Color Vibes videos, Hotspot Videos and Live Shows that we have done. Any artiste who recorded with us and wants to claim the copyright to their song should feel free to do that.
    The leaked contract was designed to give the company maximum protection especially after paying the artist the agreed figure for the music or video in full. Our main thrust is to help turn the Zimbabwean art sector into a self-funding industry and doing so in a sustainable way which safeguards our interests and investment over time.
    Going forward we are working on a new contract and we will reach out to all arts stakeholders, critics included so that we come up with a contract which seeks to protect not only ourselves but the artist as well. We will have the contracts debates live on air until we come up with a solid win-win contract.
    “We are also opening our financials to public scrutiny and these will demonstrate that as Nash Group we have not made any profits from Nashtv. Financial gain was never the driving factor in this venture, we are solely driven by the desire to grow the arts industry and bring a feel-good experience to our country as proven over time.
    Thank you for your continued support and feedback to our quest for a viable and rewarding arts industry. We have faith in the local arts industry and we will continue learning as we go.”