Sir Wicknell and Sonja accused of faking separation

Businessmen Sir Wicknell Chivayo has reconciled with his wife after faking their separation and using the bleach scandal.

Social media rumours suggest that Wicknell and Sonja created a scene so he would not have to buy her a GLE Merc Benz.

Zimbolive reports that Many of Sonja & Sir Wicknell’s friends were expecting to see Sonja get the GLE but because Sir Wicknell is now financialy thin and cant afford to buy her the car they created a scandal so he would not embarrass himself and Sonja.

People close to the couple had been told for month that she would get a GLE for her birthday but when Sir Wicknell realized he would not be able to buy the car they created a scandal. See the video below.

Meanwhile, Wicknell posted a number of pictures yesterday wishing her wife a happy birthday.