Socialite Ray Vines claims he changed the entertainment industry through his creativity.

In an interview on Power fm, Vines big artists like Winky D and others have failed to pave way for upcoming artists.

He said before his rise, there was no fashion in the entertainment industry thus he created a brand which is one of the best brands in the country.

Ray Vines has a registered company called MUKUKUZVI. Mukukuzvi is a Shona term which means gathering. Mukukuzvi as a brand sells merchandise like bags, jumpers/hoodies and t-shirts.

Mukukuzvi also has a creative hub in Gweru Zimbabwe that helps other creative young individuals in Zimbabwe showcase their talent.

Ray Vines is a creator, influencer, comedian, who creates short funny videos that trend on social media.

Ray vines has won 2 awards, the Glam Awards Best rising star and the Glam Awards Best young act.