Popular #ThisFlag Pastor, Evan Mawarire, said God told him to speak to Zimbabweans after the government of Robert Mugabe announced that they were introducing bond Notes.

The popular pastor who was speaking from his USA base, said God can use ordinary people to bring change and no power in the world can stand in the way of someone who has been anointed by God to achieve a change.

Pastor Evan said at the height of his popularity, he had to move to a safe house as he knew that Mugabe’s state security agents were out to get him.

He said at the time he was an ordinary Zimbabwean, unknown to most and he did not have a lot of connections.

Pastor Evan said the bulk of christians underestimate the power that God has put inside them.

When  Christians stand, they are accessing the resources that God has put in them to bring about change.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.