WATCH LIVE: Susan Mutami Names The father Of Her Son

Susan Mutami, the popular Australian woman who has been in the news for dating Norton MP, Temba Mliswa, has reveled the identity of the father of her son, Tendai.

Speaking to Zimeye’s Simba Chikanza while detained at the Harare International Airport yesterday, Susan said the father of her child is Hemish Moyo, whom she met in 2014 and dated for 4 years.

She said he son is 4 years old and Moyo presented himself at the Australian Embassy in Harare when the boy was born, so that he could get him a birth certificate.

Key Points From The Interview

1 Susan denied that she is dating all the men she was photographed with. For example, she said Musanhi has prostate cancer, and has never dated him.
2. Susan said Police detained her at the airport  when she wanted to leave for Dubai and she could not leave Zimbabwe. They took her luggage.
3. Susan said her son is 4 years old, his name is Tendai Hemish Moyo.
4. Susan said last week, when Temba Mliswa was in the middle of his press conference, a detective Chakaipa came to her house and asked her who else she has been in contact with in government. She gave him all those photos that leaked yesterday.

5. Susan said she wanted to respond to Mliswa’s press conference but detectives begged her to stay off social media.
6. Susan said she told the detectives that she assisted a minister pay using her cridit car at Pam Goldings, when the minister had a problem with her card.
7. On Chikwanha’s affidavit,  she said she dated him long back and does not talk to him anymore.
8.Susan said she had a DNA test with Moyo when Tendai was born.
9.Susan said her son is not SB Moyo’s child.
10. Susan said all the chats Mliswa is releasing are cooked up.
11. Susan said she does not have any friends in Australia.
12. Susan said she has degrees because she studied for them. She refused to answer which university she went to.
14. She asked Simba if Australia the only country with universities (even long distance education?)
15. Susan said she only dated Mliswa recently and she is willing to do a pre-natal DNA test with Mliswa.
16. Susan said all the goods she donated are all from her own money. She paid in instalments for the shipping because she has a good heart and she does not want to see other people suffering.


Susan is lying about a lot of things. Her case with Mliswa has revealed a lot about her and various politicians. More will soon be revealed.