Why Ronaldo Is Banned From Entering South Korea

Ronaldo is one of the people that are banned from entering South Korea.

The story behind the ban is as follows.

May Koreans used to love Ronaldo and travelled to Spain and UK to watch him play. There was even a Ronaldo fan club in Korea.

Many Korean children and young children particularly loved Ronaldo. Koreans came together and raised money for Ronaldo to come and play in Korea. The match was scheduled for 16 July 2019.

Ronaldo could not come to Korea by himself, so the Korea Football Association organised for the whole Juventus team to come and play the Korean national team. The ticket for the game cost as much as $15 000.

Ronaldo signed a contract to play for at least 45 minutes during the match.

On the day of the match, Ronaldo sat on the bench for the first 45 minutes. The crowd started to chant:

Ronald…. Ronaldo…. Ronaldo…

During the second half, Ronaldo still did not play, despite the stadium going wild shouting his name.

The game ended with Ronaldo not having played.

On the next day, Ronaldo was supposed to sign the autographs. This was also in the contact that was signed with Ronaldo.

However, Ronaldo did not go to the location where many kids and disabled children were lining up.

The whole of Korea was angry and turned against Ronaldo. Shirts with the name Ronaldo were burnt on the street.

Shops took clothing with Ronaldo ‘s name off the shelves.

The public demanded that Ronaldo be banned from entering the country.

As the law of Korea is made subject to public opinion, the government was forced to do what the people demanded.

Ronaldo was therefore banned from entering the country.

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