Jay Israel Conned UK Woman Of R400 000

Popular South African based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel (Real name Jacob Dube) reportedly conned a UK woman of over R400 000 and is now ignoring her calls after refusing to pay it back.

Solomon Izang Ashoms, a preacher base in Johannesburg, says Jay Israel has been targeting middle aged single women and taking their money, promising them that he will help them to grow their money in various business ventures.

Ashoms says Jay Israel has gotten a lot of attention from women from all across the world, most of them in the Diaspora due to his preaching and back to Christ movement.

Ashoms says some of the women want to get involved with him romantically, and they fall into his trap and end up losing a lot of money.

UK Woman – Car Deal

Ashoms says a UK based woman told him that she is a victims of Jay Israel and she lost over R400 000 to him. Ashoms said the woman met Jay  Israel at Alph Lukau ‘s church while he was still living in East London.

Ashoms says Jay Israel asked the woman to come to Africa for a mountain top prayer session, which he used to charge for.

After the woman came to Africa in September 2019, Jay Israel convinced her to invest in a car deal, where he said he was buying used cars for low prices in South Africa from his bank contact and selling them in Zimbabwe at higher prices.

After a while, Jay Israel sent the woman a picture of a BMW X5 which he said was being sold for R250 000, but could be sold in Zimbabwe for R1 Million.

She showed proof that she sent Jay Israel R250 000 and he said he had bought the BMW and sent it to Zimbabwe for resale.

In December 2019, Jay Israel told the woman that his brother in Zimbabwe had found a buyer for the car, but had not been paid.

In January 2020, he borrowed a further 8400 pounds from the woman, which he said he needed to make some renovations at his church.

The woman said she gave Jay Israel the money because she believed  he was her a business partner.

In February 2021, he changed and said the BMW was actually bought for R400 000 and not R1 Million.

Up to now, the woman said she has not received the money.

Jay currently in police cells, responded to more charges that are being added to the one of being illegally in South Africa.

Writing on Facebook this afternoon , Jay Israel said :

Shalom Family !

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that our Leader and Back to Christ Movement Founder, Jay Israel was arrested and is currently in prison. Over the last few months, we were alerted of a plot by three specific individuals who were exposed by Jay Isreal. It seems the plot or plots, as new allegations keep being made daily have finally been successful. The people behind this arrest are determined, well funded and organised. The expose’s that Jay did really opened the eyes of many and his enemies have collaborated to make sure he is destroyed and humiliated.

We would like it on record that our organisation as well as Jay Israel himself respect the law and we also believe in the South African justice system. South Africa is a democratic country, that has functional institutions, that we believe will treat Jay Israel with fairness and justily.

Our statement is not to paint Jay Israel as a saint, as you all know no one is perfect except Jesus Christ. Jay Israel was and continues to be the first one to admit when he is wrong a trait that all the other so called men of God still don’t pose as they all shout innocence despite unquestionable evidence of their wrong doing.

While there is much you can say about Jay Israel, one thing is certain, many people were set free from the deceptions and manipulations of so called men and women of God due to his expose’. As a consequence, plots and smear campaigns were launched to discredit him and at this juncture to get him arrested. The people behind all the arrests are well known to us, however Jay Israel will come and tell his own story as soon as he released.

It is a very difficult time for us as his friends and family, as this man may be many things, however he is not a criminal and does not deserve to be sent to prison for speaking against fake miracles and fake prophesies.

Jay Israel has not yet had a bail hearing. A date has been set and we are now preparing a legal team to support him with all the cases being brought forward.

If you would like to support Jay Israel during this trying time, kindly reach out to us on our whatsapp number below…your support will be well appreciated 🙏

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