Gambakwe Media discusses how Dr Thokozani Khuphe has ended her own political career with her unbelievable actions at the MDC-T extra-ordinary congress this weekend.

Her public display of anger shocked the nation as she attempted to stop the elections when she realised that she was losing.

Going forward

– Khuphe is no longer electable as a President of the MDC-T, let alone of the country.
– Khuphe can no longer feature in any GNU talks with Mnangagwa or any unity talks with Chamisa.
– Khuphe has failed in her core mission, which was to regain the trust of the MDC-T structures and unite the factions.

Khupe ‘s actions have vindicated both Tsvangirai and Chamisa who refused to trust her.

Khuphe made key mistakes in the lead up to the eoc, during the eoc and after the eoc.

Khuphe lost sight of the historical context of the EOC – the EOC was supposed to address Morgan Tsvangirai’s mistakes – His habit of operating outside the constitution.

Dr Khuphe failed to see her role as a pioneer for women in Zimbabwean politics, a  woman who rose to a level that has never been attained by a woman in Zimbabwe .

Mistakes Before And During The Congress

– She lost control of her team from the dissolved MDC-T.
– She undermined the institutions that she was supposed to protect – The independent Elections Management body.
– She provoked violence by physically attempting to stop the process .
– She did not follow the dispute resolution process.

Mistakes After the Congress

– She undermined resolutions of the extraordinary congress.
– She acted unilaterally after the EOC and attempted to use a meeting of the Standing Committee, a body that is lower than the national council, to reverse the resolutions of the of the EOC.

What Next

– The courts will not allow Khuphe to benefit from her actions at the congress.
– When the general congress is finally held in a few months time, she will end up with no position in the MDC-T

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