An 8 year old girl from Mwenezi, Zimbabwe, was retruned by mermaids to her parents after going missing for 40 years.

Drewmas Media visited the area where they met her. She is called Rowai Chihwakwa. The chief is Negari.

Mr Edson Kuseka, the District Arts and culture officer, said 40 years ago, the child went fishing with her brothers wives and another man.

When they were about to leave, the man caught a small fish (Chikwaya). The man gave the little girl the small fish.

As the girl was walking, she dropped her small fish and ran back to the river to wash the fish as she said the fish had soil after falling. This is how the girl disappeared. The search which was done after concluded that the girl was taken by a crocodile.

According to tradition, the family was told not to have a funeral ceremony.

The family stated doing rituals every year. This happened every year for the past 40 years. The family brought many different traditional healers.

Strange and mysterious happenings and misfortunes started occurring to the family. The girl would manifest as a spirit, telling the family to come and get her. Eventually, a traditional healer was found who managed to get her back from a river.

On arrival at the family’s home, Drewmas Media was able to see Rowai, however, they were not allowed to film the now 48 years old woman.

The CEO of Mwenezi Rural Disctrict council, who was present at the welcoming ceremony, Albert Ndlovu, confirmed the development and said everyone is amazed. Many villagers arrived at the ceremony that was attended by people from far and wide.

Ndlovu said Zimbabwe is a spiritual country, that has many such occurrences. He said there is another world, that no one can explain. The child is clearly Rowai and its unexplainable.

Chief Negari witnessed the occurance and confirmed that the story happened. Her parents admit that its Rowai although time has passed. Chief Negari said he is satisfied that the family is genuine.

He said a person who is taken by mermaids is considered dead, and since rituals were performed, then the spirits have allowed it.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.