SB Moyo Must Step Down Over PA Sex Scandal – Prof Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former Information Minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo, has exposed the scandalous relationship between Foreign Affairs minister, SB Moyo, and his pregnant PA, Lynette Mahlaba.

Prof Moyo Says Lynette Mahlaba should not be Promoted from PAO level to Consul General based on her affair with SB Moyo

Moyo Says SB Moyo has criminally abused his office and is no longer fit to hold the office of Foreign Affairs Minister.

This comes after SB Moyo, who is dating his PA, Lynette Malaba, is in the process of removing Cape Town Consul General, Tendai Mudambo, so that he can replace her with Lynette, through trumped up charges.

Prof Moyo revealed that Lynette is currently operating from Kuda Tagwirei ‘s Newlands offices, while awaiting her new job in Cape Town.

He said SB Moyo’ s wife, Loice-Matanda Moyo, believes that Lynette was fired and is not aware that she is still on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs payroll. She is also not aware that Lynette is pregnant with SB Moyo ‘s child.

Please see below the full 24 tweets thread by Prof Jonathan Moyo:

1/24 @MinisterSBMoyo’s PA Lynette Mahlaba has been AWOL from circa Feb 2020 & not seen at the Ministry since lockdown. Staff say she’s training for posting in SA or on maternity leave. Truth is SB lied to wifey that he fired his PA in Feb yet he moved her to a Kuda Tagwirei bldg!

2/24 The Kuda Tagwirei bldg is on 11 Argyle Drive, Newlands, Harare. That’s where @MinisterSBMoyo, who has a private office there, has literally been hiding his PA from his wife, under the false pretext that he fired her in Feb; yet she’s still with him on the Ministry’s payroll!

3/24 It is an open secret in the foreign affairs ministry that @MinisterSBMoyo is in a relationship with his PA. Things came to a head in Feb when SB’s wife said she didn’t want to see the PA at the Ministry. SB then moved her to a Tagwirei bldg, but lied that he had fired her!

4/24 It is not clear what work, if any, @MinisterSBMoyo’s PA has been doing over the last nine months from a Tagwirei bldg; save that she has been drawing her salary from Foreign Affairs, where she is supposed to have been fired by SB; who also has an office in the Tagwirei bldg!

5/24 Another blur on Lynette Mahlaba’s extant employment situation is that a CV she posted on her LinkedIn status shows she holds two jobs: one since 2012 as the Project Coordinator at “With Love Foundation”, she cofounded & another (undescribed) since 2014 with Foreign Affairs!

6/24 It is no surprise that @MinisterSBMoyo hid Lynnette Mahlaba in a Tagwirei bldg. Since becoming foreign minister, SB has been Tagwirei’s dark business partner. They’ve done dodgy deals, like the SOTIC/NOIC USD 1,2bn scam; in which USD 12m was pocketed as “1% arrangement fee”!

7/24 For completeness on the dodgy SOTIC/NOIC deal done by @MinisterSBMoyo & Kuda from Tagwirei’s Newlands hideout attached, for starters, are revealing documents; beginning with minutes of an urgent 14 May19 NOIC Board meeting­čĹç­čĆ┐showing SB’s dirty hand!


8/24 Attached is the SOTIC/NOIC 10-year prepayment proposal by Tagwirei’s Sakunda; pushed through the system by @MinisterSBMoyo from Tagwirei’s Newlands bldg, where SB hid his PA, under the false pretext to his family, that he had fired her circa Feb!


9/24 This is the prepayment facility in which @MinisterSBMoyo & Tagwirei were to get 12 USD million, from NOIC, as 1% of USD 1,2 bn for an “arrangement fee”. The burden for this fee was assumed by NOIC before other aspects of the dodgy deal came unstuck!

10/24 To ensure payment of the dodgy USD 12 million “arrangement fee” based on SB’s support letter, @ReserveBankZIM approved the term sheet of the dodgy deal ahead of NOIC’s urgent Board meeting on 14 May 2019, that reviewed the deal for the first time!

11/24 The SOTIC/NOIC scam is relevant to the #SBMoyoSexScandal, as it explains the context in which SB was able to hide Lynnette Mahlaba in Tagwirei’s Newlands bldg for nine months; while she has been AWOL at the Ministry, after SB lied to his wife that he had fired his PA!

12/24 After SB hid his AWOL PA at a Tagwirei bldg in Feb he started to criminally abuse his office & to manipulate staff promotion protocols to get his PA who is at PAO level, appointed at Deputy Ambassador level in SA by dislodging Tendai Mudambo in Cape Town, as Consul General!

13/24 To dislodge Ms Tendai Mudambo – the Consul General – to aid his AWOL PA marooned in Tagwirei’s Newlands hideout, SB connived with Sifelani Tarwirei, the finance officer & Hilbert Mada, the CIO liaison officer, at the Cape Town Consulate to fabricate a case against Mudambo!

14/24 Tendai Mudambo, ranked at ambassadorial level, was appointed Consul General in Cape Town only in Dec 2019 & within less than a year in post, SB started scheming to boot her out of the civil service to make way for his junior & unqualified PA with whom he has a relationship!

15/24 Just last Tuesday, @MinisterSBMoyo upped the ante against Ms Mudambo, Zim’s Consul General in Cape Town & got Zim’s Ambassador to SA, David Hamadziripi, to go to Cape Town to investigate Mudambo, on charges trumped up by Tarwirei & CIO’s Mada; maliciously prompted by SB!

16/24 In the history of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the only staffer to be “promoted” from PAO to ambassadorial level was Chipo Zindoga; who was elevated by then Minister Stan Mudenge, to Deputy Ambassador to Kenya; before being made Ambassador to Tanzania & later to Namibia!

17/24 It is an abuse of office & a crime for a minister to show favour to an officer by elevating them to a post to which they’re unqualified. The crime is aggravated by showing disfavor to a qualified officer & is worse where the minister has a relationship with the beneficiary!

18/24 When I first raised the #SBMoyoSexScandal here, there was a noisy reaction from SB quarters. Most of it was ignorant & crap. While I understood where @nickmangwana & @VascoDaGappah were coming from; they were personal & focused on the forest, at the expense of the trees!

19/24 Some like @iMisred & @caesarzvayi baldly denied the maternity story & vowed they knew where Lynnette Mahlaba lives. Caesar announced he is her neighbour. But when you are said to be staying at a guest house or a hotel, it does not mean you don’t have a home where you live!

20/24 Others like @Lee_Ann_Cara vented that madharas like me should fight zera redu & leave young ones like her & Lynnette Mahlaba alone. Fine, only if young ones like her date their age-mates; not sugar daddies like @MinisterSBMoyo & ruin families & careers of qualified staff!

21/24 I understood the spirited point raised by @iAmKudaMaynard and others that “bystanders” should not be collateral damage for the sins of public officials like @MinisterSBMoyo. I agree, save that a consenting adult in an inappropriate sexual relationship is not a bystander!

22/24 As I type this, Harare Mayor @JMafume is in jail without bail, as if he is charged for a capital crime; when he’s alleged to have shown favour to his sister by allocating her a stand. Yet @MinisterSBMoyo is free, having shown favour to his mistress. Why the double standard?

23/24 It is capture by Tagwirei for @MinisterSBMoyo to have private offices in Kuda’s Newlands bldg.
*It is a crime for SB to keep his “fired” PA on govt payroll, while not doing govt work.
*It is a crime for SB to use deceit to dislodge Ms Mudambo to create a vacancy for his PA!

24/24 By corrupting rules, to replace a qualified senior diplomat with an unqualified junior staffer, his PA & mistress; @MinisterSBMoyo has acted criminally, lost the moral authority to lead Foreign Affairs & is now a criminal surrounding the President. Will his wife charge him?