Eccentric UK based Zimbabwe Social media addict, Sabena Anesu Ruwizhi has finally re-surfaced after faking her death.

Sabena and her husband, Baba Mandela, pretended that she had died of a heart attack. In a LIVE that she posted on Facebook yesterday, Sabena denied that her husband confirmed her death.

Sabena slammed Gambakwe Media for publishing the story and said journalists need to have certificates.

She refused to apologize for causing the confusion and said she did not have access to Facebook and her life does not revolve around Facebook.

The commotion caused by Sabena’s fake death was far reaching as some UK based Zimbabweans travelled to her home to confirm if she had really died.

Some Zimbabweans in the UK had already started contributing burial money. Sabena is known for strange stunts and crazy behavior that includes run ins with police in the UK.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.