In an explosive interview with TechMag TV, the mother of Moana, who passed away in Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce, has revealed that the late socialite left her with all her property, including a number of cars.

Yolanda Kuvawonga said the father is only interested in these cars and property as he has been enquiring about them.

She was responding to the chaos that has broken out between the two sides of the family who are failing to agree on how she must be buried. Moana’s father, Ishmael Amuli is a Muslim while her mother is a Christian.

Yolanda told Techmag that Moana and her father last spoke 3 years ago and she had moved her life to South Africa. Yolanda said when Moana left for South Africa, she had given her new furniture and left her with her daughter.

She revealed that Moana’s daughter was currently with her father, however, she would be taking her back. Yolanda revealed that she Moana’s daughter was attending one of the most prestigious private schools in Harare and she will continue to give her that high standard of life.

Yolanda also revealed that she has already bought the coffin and clothes in which Moana would be buried in.

Please watch the vide above this post for more details.