Zimbabwe People’s Party Communications Director, Jaison Midzi, has revealed that former directors, Vimbai Chiwuswa and Macylen Mpofu Jansen, were dismissed and did not resign.

Midzi said Vimbai violated the constitution, was arrogant and did not have a Zimbabwean Passport, even though she had been earmarked to be the Presidential Candidate for ZPP in the 2023 elections.

Midzi said Vimbai was warned on a number of previous occasions and did not change her behavior.

Midzi said Macelyn was only fired after she appeared on Gambakwe Media with Vimbai Chiwuswa, which was against party rules. Midzi said Macelyn was not allowed to speak to the press without clearance from the communications department.

Midzi said based on their previous performance, both Vimbai and Macelyn are likely to succeed in any political party, including the one that they plan to form.

Please watch the video above for more details.