Former Zimbabwe Minister and G40 Kingpin, Savior Kasukuwere, says once the military enters politics, civilian leaders suffer. He said Zimbabweans can either organise or agonise because the situation wont resolve itself.

Kasukuwere gave the example of Nigerian leader, Olusegan Obasanjo, who ended up in jail when there was a military takeover in that country.

In Zimbabwe, Kasukuwere said the country is in a political cul de sac and its not clear how we should proceed. Kasukuwere said the leaders in Zimbabwe should be made to understand that the situation is now unbearable.

He said Zimbabweans are sufferings, everyone who disagrees is an enemy.

Kasukuwere said what is lacking is a concerted effort to try to change our situation. Whoever tries to make a change is silenced in a brutal way.

Kasukuwere said Zimbabweans needs freedom, needs to be a better country. He said lets fight them from each and every angle.

Kasukuwere said the fear to hold by elections, is the reason why ZANU-PF is afraid even to hold their own DCC elections.

The challenge Zimbabwe faces is a divided society. Goliath is a system, David is all of us.