A Mvurwi man has not been buried for two weeks after his body parts mysteriously disappeared.

His body is still stuck at Mvurwi hospital as the post morterm can not concluded before the parts are found.

It is reported that whenever the relatives come to pick up the body, the body disappears and the family can not see it, although the mortuary attendant can see the body.

The case is before the traditional Chief in the area. Police have confirmed the case although hospital staff refused to talk to Drewmas Media.

One of the Chiefs emissaries explained to Drewmas Media that when the man died, his friend was called and on arrival, found that his eyes and lower lips were missing. The friend asked the family to call other neigbors to witness the strange sight.

The body was taken to the hospital where a mortuary attendant refused to take in the body without the missing parts and asked the relatives to go to the police. The Police attended the scene but concluded that there was no foul play.

Relatives reportedly disclosed that the deceased man used to disappear for days when he was still alive. They suspected that he was involved in occultic activities.

It is reported that before the man died, he told his relatives that he should not die in the house but in the forest.

He is said to have disclosed that if he died in the house mysterious things would happen.

In other reports, the man is said to have asked his famliy to take him to Mozambique before his death.

While in Mozambique, the group was told that someone had died back at their home in Mvurwi. The man then told his family to leave him in Mozambique and go back to Mvurwi to attend the funeral.

When the family arrived back home, they were surprised to find that the man they had left in Mozambique is the one who had died in Mvurwi and there was a funeral for him.

Drewmas Media travelled to Mvurwi but were chased by the wife of the deceased and could not get the full story from the man’s brothers, who were willing to tell the story. However, the story was confirmed by the chiefs’s emissary and local community members.

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