The Department of Anthropology and Development studies, University of Johannesburg is pleased to announce a three-year (2021-2023) PhD scholarship (Anthropology/Development Studies).

This scholarship is within a broader VW Senior Fellowship in Humanities research project on the materialities of artisanal and small-scale base minerals mining.

The research project also examines issues such as resource materiality, the relationship between artisanal miners and large scale mining companies, gender dynamics in artisanal mining, the Chinese factor in base minerals mining, the interface between land reform and artisanal base minerals mining, and tribute mining arrangements in base minerals mining, among other themes.

The candidate will be expected to work on a PhD research topic that focusses on artisanal or small-scale chromite mining or any other base mineral. Although the main research project is located in the Great Dyke Geological formation in Zimbabwe and focusses specifically on chromite, we welcome proposals that focus on other base minerals or draw on case studies from other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Proposals that make use of visual methods (photography, documentary, artistic impressions etc) and life histories are strongly encouraged.


Candidates must satisfy the following criteria.

1. Have obtained a good Master’s degree in the field of History, Anthropology, Sociology or Political Science
2. Have knowledge of at least one African language.
3. Is a resident of an African country


1. Tuition Fees
2. Stipend

Application Process

Interested candidates must submit the following:

1. Personal statement
2. CV
3. A brief proposal (max 3000 words).

Please submit your application to the following emails: [email protected]
[email protected]

If accepted, the candidate will then formally apply for PhD at UJ through the normal online process.

Due Date: 30 November 2020