Chamisa’s MDC Alliance today lost a Supreme Court case in which the party was arguing that the MDC Alliance is a legal person.

The Supreme court found that the appeal was fatally defective and ordered  the appealants to pay the MDC-T ‘s costs.

Chamisa’s lawyers failed to turn up at the Supreme Court to argue on whether or not the MDC Alliance is a legal person.

The Supreme Court was sitting to decide whether or not Justice Chitapi was right to say that the MDC Alliance was not a legal person.

The matter started at 9:30 today and lasted only 20 mins.

Speaking on Gambakwe Media, Terence Simbi, author of the book, Zimbabwe Installing A True Democratic State, said Chamisa acted slowly and failed to anticipate key events since the Supreme Court Judgement that nullified his elevation to the MDC-T leadership.

Simbi said the MDCT will now likely approach the courts to force Chamisa  and his party from using the name MDC Alliance.

Please watch the video above for more details.