Leaked Harare City Council Investigations have revealed rampant corruption in the allocation of stands.

Sources told Gambakwe Media that the scandal: which involved intern students and council employees in the planning department, was masterminded by Bridget Nyandoro, a leader in the Harare MDC Alliance youth assembly.

Chamisa 2

Messages circulating on Whatsapp groups alleged that Nyandoro is a girlfriend of Nelson Chamisa or have a baby with Nelson Chamisa. A faction within the Harare City Council is alleging that the matter was not investigated because of Bridget’s connection to Chamisa.

The Harare City Council security department was forced to re-issue the report after no action was taken and employees who were named in the first report were not disciplined.

Chamisa Baby Mama

Gambakwe Media could not verify the allegations of an illicit relationship between Briget and Chamisa, or whether the two have a child together.