In a Shocking development, respected High Court Judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda, has been accused of r_aping an opharn 25 year ago, and then asking her to abort the unborn child.

When the 19 year old Tsitsi Mutendadzamera Moyo, refused to abort, Muzenda is said to have taken away the child soon after his birth to stay at his home with his other children.

Tsitsi says Muzenda, who is her uncle, r_aped her at her workplace in Masvingo where she worked for his brother, Rhino’s Gumbo.

Tsitsi says Muzenda used to visit her boss, Rhinos Gumbo, both at home and at the work place and is the one who gave Gumbo money to start his business.

Justice Muzenda Was Appointed In December 2017 Soon After the Coup

When she reported the r_ape to Gumbo and her aunt, they both told her to keep quiet about the issue or else she would lose her job.

Tsitsi said when their child was born, Muzenda asked her to bring the child to his house, so that he could grow up with the other children. Tsitsi said she was struggling and had no choice but to hand over her son to Muzenda.

For 25 years, Tawonga Brighton Muzenda, lived in the Muzenda home, with his wife.

Now their son, Tawonga Brandon Muzenda, is sick and stuck in prison.

Tsitsi, who is based in South Africa, says she does not know why Tawonga Brandon is in Chikurubi maximum security prison.

She was only informed by a prison guard called Bvurere, who phoned her brother and said Brandon was in jail, with no one visiting him.

Tsitsi said when she asked Muzenda to visit Brandon in jail, Muzenda flatly refused, fearing embarrassment of having a child who is in jail.

About Justice Muzenda

Justice Muzenda was appointed by ED Mnangagwa in December 2017 soon after the coup (Operation restore legacy).

Justice Muzenda has gone one to give some notable judgements including forcing ZEC to allow teachers who were on election duties to vote and ordering Perence Shiri to give back Kasukuwere ‘s farm which had been repossessed.

Law Society of Zimbabwe 

Tsitsi says she wrote to the Law Society of Zimbabwe. However, Muzenda used his connections and the letter she wrote to the society was not attended to.

When Josey Mahachi phoned Isaac Muzenda, he denied knowing Tsitsi and her son.

Tsitsi said Muzenda is lying and his wife and family know about Tawonga Brandon Muzenda.

She is appealing to Muzenda and his wife to visit their son in prison as she is stuck in South Africa due to the lockdown.