A visibility excited Joanna Mamombe was today released from Chikurubi maximum prison after her lawyers appealed at the high court.

Mamombe told lawyers and friends who came to meet her that state agents and doctors attempted to move her to Annex but she resisted and told them that she was supposed to be remanded in custody and not at Annex.

This follows revelations by her mother that state doctors tried to inject her with an unknown substance, while she was in prison.

Mamombe told her lawyers that she was strong throughout her incarceration and was determined not to make it easy for the regime.

The Harare West MP was taken into custody after the Harare Magistrate, Bianca Makwande, ordered her to be assessed by state doctors on 25 September

An arrest warrant was issued after Joanna failed to appear in court on charges if faking an abduction early this year.

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