MDC-T Spokesman, Khaliphani Phugeni, last night revealed that the MDC-T has proposed a new dialogue to ED Mnangagwa.

Phugeni, who did not reveal the details, said the dialogue will be along the same lines as COPAC (The Constitution Parliamentary Committee ).

Under this dialogue, parties with MPs will be work on solutions to Zimbabwe’s current problems and come up with far reaching changes such as changes to legislation.

When asked if the dialogue will include Nelson Chamisa, Phugeni said Chamisa will be included through the existing Alliance MPs that belong to PDP and MDC Green.

He said concerns that the dialogue will not be inclusive do not arise because the votes that Chamisa got in 2013 were institutional votes and Chamisa’s inclusion or lack of inclusion should not be seen as a deal breaker.

Phugeni emphasized that Zimbabweans need home grown solutions. He said this is the reason why external parties like the ANC were persuaded to see that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

Phugeni said the media and G40 aligned politicians are mis-characterising the crisis in Zimbabwe, when the real crisis is the lack of access to health services, low salaries that have been eroded by devaluation and children failing to access food and education.

Please watch the video above for more details.