Emmerson Mnangagwa has slammed the Zimbabweanlivesmatter hashtags accusing social media of trying to unconstitutionally remove him from power.

In a virtual meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Guo Shachuon Thursday, the Mnangagwa condemned people of using social media in an attempt to dethrone him by inciting citizens to stage anti-government protests.

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe is at peace however detractors are in pursuit of regime change.

“We are enjoying full peace in the country but the detractors have decided to impose cyber-attack to our country in pursuit of regime change,” said Mnangagwa.

“Currently, Zimbabwe is suffering from cyber-attacks. The social media attack is most unjustifiable, based upon fiction, non-facts, non-truth allegations, that there are gross human rights violations in the country. There is no evidence of such things happening.

The human rights situation in the country has worsened with more opposition political leaders, activists, journalists, lawyers, and ordinary citizens.

“The arbitrary arrests, death, torture in the country, all that is being stated without evidence. We are enjoying peace and stability in the country but our detractors have decided to impose a cyber-war on our country in pursuit of a regime change agenda,” said Mnangagwa.

In response to Mnangagwa’s comments, the Chinese Ambassador concurred with him and accused a local newspaper of recently publishing an article accusing China of “interfering with Zimbabwe’s policies for its benefit at the expense of Zimbabwean people.”