Fire Wipes out 10 members of 3 South African Families

The three families were camped together and had a braai on the night of the fire

A fire at the luxury Blinkwater Desert Place Manor last week killed 10 members of three families that were camping at the thatched luxury gateway spot, located between the border of Botswana and South Africa.

Forensic investigators are still trying to establish the cause of the fire, however, initial reports suggest that the families had a braai on the night of the fire.

Davin Family

The Davin Family

Frans (36) – Deceased

Wilmien (37) – Unharmed

Frans-Jan (5) – Deceased

Iza (3) – Deceased

Ben (15 months) – Unharmed

Bauer Family

The Bauer Family

Stefan (39) – Deceased while searching for his daughter in the fire

Madelein (36) – Unharmed

Inge (6) – Deceased

Elre (3) – Deceased

The Carstens Family

The Carsten Family

Hendri (39) – Deceased

Dane (32) – Deceased

Pierre-Johan (5) – Deceased

Magiel (3) – Deceased

The fire occured 6 days after the family started staying at the luxury lodge.