Nelson Chamisa presented a press conference last night in Harare after months of silence.

Below are the key points

1. Zimbabwe is in a crisis because things are worsening every day
2. Zimbabwe is attracting international attention because of citizen arrest and abductions
3. Mnangagwa has turned Zimbabwe into a Banana Republic
4. Acknowledge the solidarity of Africans- ZimbabweansLivesaMatter
5. Mnangagwa has set the tone when he promised to flush out bad apples
6. Mnangagwa is not a good leader
7. Thanks the Church for speaking out
8. He speaks of peace, unity and justice
9. Critics, Book prize winners, journalists, MPs, Councilors and lawyers are arrested
10. COvod testing is too expensive at $65
11. Economy, future, dignity, Zimbabwe is at stake
12. Pressure is mounting against Mnangagwa, even from his Friends
13. Mnangagwa will not win against the whole world
14. Mnangagwa says he is right and everyone else is wrong and is abusing power
15. There are no alternative ways of teaching children who are not going to school
16. Mnangagwa is not acknowledging the problem
17. Zimbabwe will.only change after leadership renewal
18. People must not be afraid to speak
19. Protest is a god given right
20. African solutions for African solutions


We will not rush into action – We will let them score own goals

We are in broad consultation across the country

Moving into Dialogue in the next few weeks


1. Chamisa did not set a clear course of action
2. Chamisa did not speak to an.opposotion coalition
3. Chamisa speaks about ZimbabweanLivesMatter and the March has not ended which he did not start