Jim Kunaka has told Zimeye that Job Sikhala knows the people who leaked his information to the Zimbabwe police.

Kunaka said the man he brought to the hideout was not a member of the CIO and he never went into the house. He said the man is responsible for collecting cash from his cellphone shop.

Kunaka said he is not shocked about Sarkozy’s allegation that he is the one who gave up Job Sikhala. He said Sarkozy made a big mistake when he named him.

Kunaka said Job Sikhala’s wife named Sarkozy as the one who leaked the secret hideout and it means there is a lot that she knows. Even the security guy of Sikhala also named Sarkozy.

Kunaka said when Sikhala comes out tomorrow, he will clarify the issue.


Kunaka confirmed that he brought a brand new boxed phone for Sarkozy from his shop. He said he had driven with his wife at midnight to get his wife who was ill and was not able to deliver the phone on the same day.

Kunaka said he brought the new boxed phone into the house and the next day he called Sarkozy to get his phone.

Kunaka said his wife was suffering from a head ache because they lost a child 2 weeks ago.

Kunaka implied that Sarkozy has been bought by CIO as he is an amateur and has only been in the game for 6 years. Kunaka said Sarkozy failed to stand the heat.