Passion Java says that he is humbled by Dr Strive Masiyiwa’s advice to people who show off their cars after they get rich.

In an interview with Miss V Candy, Passion Java said that his money was nothing compared to Strive Masiyiwa and that he respects him as a father and encouraged people to listen to his advice.

Passion Java however said him and Masiyiwa have different audiences and his audience are inspired to work hard when he shows off his properties and cars than Masiyiwa’s audience who listen to his advice because he is a billionaire.

He said that even though he shows off his wealth, he has more wealth than people can guess because he has businesses in Carlifonia, South Africa, UK and is looking to expand into Dubai.

This comes after Dr Strive Masiyiwa gave out advice to people who show off their cars saying that himself as a Billionaire has only two cars and said that people who show off their cars are just still amateurs in business.