Jethro Rusike of JCTV says Nelson Chamisa should plan strategically because his rival ZANU PF is already ahead thus his political future lies in him taking a lead.

Jethro said Chamisa should restructure and come up with a vibrant brand that will weaken Khupe and ED Mnangagwa and let go of the tendency of turning to the courts to try fight their issues while knowing that the courts are captured.

He added that Chamisa himself is a brand and millions of people are willing to follow him because they believe in his leadership thus he should start anew.

Rusike said Chamisa needs the support of true people rallying behind him, willing to take his new brand forward because keeping the MDC name will mark his total demise.

He added that trying to fight Khupe using the MDC brand will not be of any help to Chamisa instead it will be self draining.

Rusike said Chamisa Should stop being a prisoner of hope thinking that ZANU PF is going to budge to their claims cause it won’t stop until he drops to the ground.