ZimbabweansMustFall Trending Again in South Africa

SA Citizens complain of crime and job losses

ZimbabweansMustFall is trending again because of the huge presence of Zimbabwean migrants in South Africa.

Vuyo Zungula leader of the African Transformation Movement party recently said the government should enact laws prohibiting foreigners from taking part in certain economic activities thus putting South Africans first.

This sparked a lot of outrage as South Africans feel Zimbabweans are being given first preference in most companies because they provide cheap labour.

Moreover, a number of crimes committed in South Africa have been attributed to Zimbabweans thus the hash tag Zimbabweans must fall has been created.

Lerato Pillay posted on twitter saying: ” Zimbabweans destroyed their country and now they want to destroy our country by stealing railway lines, cellphones towers, cables. Zimbabweans are responsible for the most car hijacking and killing of citizens”.