Everyone Is Corrupt In Zimbabwe – Jaison Midzi

Jamison Midzi, Communications Director for the Zimbabwe people,s party, said corruption is now a way of life in Zimbabwe spanning all daily activities both in government and in the private sector.

Midzi said there are two types of corruption petty corruption and grand corruption. Midzi said Mnangagwa as the Presidnt presiding over this state of affairs is therefore automatically corrupt.

Midzi said many Zimbabweans take a partisan view to corruption, because of polarization, and will turn a blind eye to corruption that implicates members of their preferred political party.

Midzi said resolving corruption pandemic in Zimbabwe will start with increasing transparency and bringing MPs closer to their local communities through constituency offices.
Midzi said ZPP proposes putting in place hotlines where people can report petty corruption by officials who demand bribes.

When it comes to grand corruption, Midzi said voters should bring elected officials to account and make sure that any candidate that is involved in corruption in not re-elected.

Midzi also talked about state capture and the need to prevent relatives of officials from doing business with government.