Apostle Chiwenga Mocks Zimbabwe Prophets- Makandiwa, Magaya, T Freddy

Apostle Talent F Chiwenga mocked prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Magaya’s fake prosperity gospel likening it to the Zimbabwean dollar which is now useless.

Chiwenga said just like the 100 trillions which were introduced in 2008 and devalued the same year, the teachings of Magaya and Makandawi have lost their value.

Chiwenga said God unleashed Covid-19 to the world to expose all fake prophets who claim to possess power in healing any incurable disease, giving the example of Magaya who said he had found Aguma a powerful herb to cure HIV/AIDS.

He added that people no longer want to hear about miracle money or success, they need to hear news of a coronavirus cure only then will they turn to the gospel of prosperity.

Moreover, Chiwenga said Prophet Freddy is not a true prophet, he failed to foresee the destruction of his church by the Harare city council whilst he claims he has spiritual spectacles that sees that which is invisible to the naked eye.