ZANU PF Acting Spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa says allegations of abductions made by MDC A female activists were a rehearsed script meant to tarnish ZANU PF and the Leadership’ reputation.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Chinamasa said the party is calling for arrests of more MDC officials who were involved in the infamous Warren park demonstration that led to the abduction and torture of Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova.

He said the abductions were intended to coincide with the SADC Torika summit and the US commit preparing to meet to deliberate on the removal of sanctions on the Agribank and IDBZ.

“The timing of the abduction, again came at a time when the President of Zimbabwe had important diplomatic meetings in the country, the same manner that other fake abductions occurred.”

Chinamasa said the Party is disturbed by allegations that ZANU PF is behind the alleged abductions.

Chinamasa said failure of the 3 activists to comply with law enforcers will lead to the conclusion that the whole issue was a political theatrical act meant to divert attention from squabbles in MDCs and to cover up for the illegal and dangerous demonstrations in Warren Park.