Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison is the largest prison and correctional facility in Zimbabwe located at the outskirts of Harare. There are 17 000 inmates at Chikurubi.

Chikurubi is no home for anyone, the prison is characterized by hunger, lonely nights and mistreatment of inmates.

Inmates are awakened at four oclock in the morning everyday for the formal inmates count, the activity is done repeatedly through out the day.

Inmates receive their single meal for the day which consists of Sadza and boiled cabbage at 3 pm.

After 3pm inmates are given free time which allows them to indulge in a few activities like playing soccer and taking a bath.

At 5 pm everyone returns to the cells, the time is known as the lights off in which an individual is lonely is the dark space.

However. it is what happens between 5pm and the next morning that is said to destroy inmates psychologically.