Tinashe Jonas leader of Ideal Zimbabwe has urged all Zimbabweans to set aside political differences and unite for better livelihood.

Speaking to Jethro Rusike of JCTV, Jonas said Zimbabweans in foreign countries should create their own data base which will assist them in having an active constituency uplifting one another.

He said Zimbabweans should make it mandatory to have legal documents in foreign countries.

Jonas added that Zimbabweans are not being successful because they are failing to eradicate poverty mentality.

He said people should shift from physical ways of making money and adapt to new technology which allows one to earn big online.

Furthermore, he said people should stop migrating to South Africa for a better living, what matters is how one is going to sustain his or her life be it in homeland or foreign land.

Jonas said the only way to assist Zimbabweans in South Africa is to encourage them to educate themselves, that way they will be able to improve their way of life.