Dr Mumbi Sekari a youtuber says over 90% of Africa’s artifacts are trapped in the western countries.

She said Africa’s former colonial powers have recently come under pressure to send looted artifacts back to their home countries.

Zimbabwe recovered the iconic Zimbabwe bird statues stolen by the European colonialists more than a century ago.

The figure is on the Zimbabwe’s national flag, banknotes and official documents.

Zimbabwe started asking for the statue immediately after independence for it to come now.

The eight original sculptures hold great spiritual value for people of the southern African nation, and have been made into national emblems.

Six of the large carvings were stolen from the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, an imposing stone complex built between the 11th and 13th centuries and attributed to pre-colonial King Munhumutapa.

Only one remains in South Africa, where it is kept in the house of 19th-century British mining magnate and imperialist, Cecil Rhodes.

Dr Mumbi said she is awaiting to see whether Cyril Ramaphosa the South African president will give back the statue to Zimbabwe.