This is the most amazing life story of Feli Nandi. Her father died when she was very young and her mother who was her pillar of strenght died when she was 15. She immediately stopped singing. She only came back to music when she turned 25.

Feli Nandi enjoys working as the only woman backing vocalist for Mbewu, a  Zimbabwean Musician. She says her husband is her backbone and he supports her in her music career.

Mbewu Is into Afro_fusion, Zim dancehall, Jazz and Afro.

“Being a vocalist is good, it’s something big and it depends on how you do it”

Nandi said started singing when she was three years, she has passion for singing.

She compliments the singer and does not compete with him.

Nandi has been with Mbewu for 2 years. They perform two shows every weekend. She believes that singing is her calling.