Zuva Habane has finally opened up about her divorce with husband Prince Habane.

Zuva said she kept quiet about the whole divorce issue because she felt she didn’t owe anyone any explanations and she managed to be married for a long time because she kept her private life private.

The couple broke up in 2015 when Zuva filed for a divorce however things didn’t end there, two months after filing the divorce the couple managed to be love birds again as they couldn’t get their hands off each other.

She said it took them four more years to finally end the marriage after realizing that they are not compatible and they finally parted in March 2019.

Zuva got married to Prince when she was 19 years old and they have spent 14 years together.

Zuva took to social media to tell her fans that the divorce didn’t manage to break her, however depression would sometimes creep in but she is okay.

She said the divorce issue is somehow destroying her brand as clients, fans and followers of the Zuva nation are losing faith in her as a divorced woman hence it ends up messing her lifestyle.

The divorce is threatening her circle as some some people within the Zuva nation are going to the extremes of blocking and un-following her.

According to Zuva, She and Prince broke up on good grounds without the nation having to interfere in how they solve their personal issues.

Meanwhile, both Prince and Zuva have moved on with their lives and they seem happy about it.