Following the revelations made yesterday about Kuda Tagwirei msny Zimbabweans were left asking themselves what is going on? These allegations were made before by Acie Lumumba!

Why is it that nothing has been done about Tagwirei?

Gambakwe media sources have revealed why ED Mnangagwa can not move on Kuda Tagwirei.

Sources reveled that Kuda Tagwirei is involved in business with the Russians and represents their interests in Zimbabwe.

Both Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have  reportedly received payments by the Russians. However, Chiwenga has also received payments from the Chinese.

So both men are unable to move against Kuda because any move they make against him will be against the Russians, who have made massive investments mostly in the mining sectors.

Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu were reportedly paid a day before the press conference and what they presented was a watered down version of the actual presentation they were supposed to present.

Our sources said the two were being sent by Christopher Mutsvangwa who was hoping to become the new Minister of Energy.

Kuda Tagwirei is not only untouchable, but he is set to become bigger and influence political events in Zimbabwe in the future as he now owns a significant chunk of all assets in Zimbabwe including cash.