The MDC Chamisa Youth Deputy Spokesperson, Womberai response to Munangagwa’s speech at the Kuwadzana clean up campaign.

According to Womberai, Mnangagwa addressed three main issues which are fees hype, muriwo and unleashing the army if people of Kuwadzana are responsible for us having no rains.

Womberai responded to Mnangagwa speech on muriwo saying according to him he feels like Manage has failed as a people’s president to find a perfect solution for the problem they are facing.

He went on to say on the issue of him making sure fees are not increased, that one is not a perfect solution. Because the president is not looking at other issues that might be leading to fees hype like increased prices in stationary used by the school.

Lastly on the issue of unleashing the army if the Kuwadzana residence are found responsible for drought, Womberai says this means the president is indirectly admitting being responsible for all the problems the citizens have been facing since January 14 from army brutality.