Jonathan Moyo has come to the rescue of Pettinah Gappah after she was slamed for being hypocritical towards the new dispensation.

Speaking in an interview with Trevor Ncube, Pettina had expressed her thorough regret in endorsing ED Mnangagwa who is happening to be destroying all the good will the world had in him when he assumed office.

Below is the full statement released by Jonathan Moyo.

1/5 The demonization of @VascoDaGappah after her interview with #TrevorNcube revealed she has big issues with the same #MnangagwaRegime she was part of after the Nov 2017 coup is wrong. Sadly, the “democratic movement” in Zim is its own worst enemy with a suicidal CANCEL CULTURE!

2/5 The same demonization of @VascoDaGappah has been extended to @daddyhope by the same self righteous guardians and moral police of the “democratic movement” whose crude “bad guy versus good guy” narratives have retarded the discourse on and progress of change in Zimbabwe!

3/5 Instead of welcoming @VascoDaGappah & @daddyhope, to benefit from their experiences, first hand information & perspectives, the holier-than-thou do-gooders in “CIVIL” society have amazing if not shocking energy, time & words to demonize & CANCEL OUT real and potential allies!

4/5 There’s no change in Africa, that has taken place or succeeded without former insiders & outsiders coming together to coalesce around shared goals for transformational change. The mantra that “once ZanuPF always ZanuPF”, is false & primitive. Even Tsvangirai was once ZanuPF!

5/5 The personalization of politics in Zimbabwe has become cancerous & is now a clear & present danger to the country. Every human engagement requires a meeting of minds, which should be the pivotal starting point. Once people have a meeting of minds, it must be all systems go!