From House Maid To PHD – Sharon Chipo Manzvera Life Story

How Chipo ended up studying in Thailand

Meet Sharon Chipo Manzvera, well known Zimbabwean producer based in Thailand as she speaks about her life growing up in Zimbabwe, getting a scholarship in South Africa and moving to Thailand.

Name – Sharon Chipo Manzvera

Marital Status – Single

Mother – ?

Father – ?

Place of Birth – Chivi


Primary School – Glenview 3 Primary School

Secondary School – Biriri High, Chimanimani

Tertiary Education – Monash High – BA International Studies and Criminology

2015 – Masters in Public Health in Thailand

2016 – Intern

2019 – Teacher at an International School



  • Worked as a maid for three weeks in South Africa then quit!
  • Started a lawn selling business
  • 2014 – Had BP while doing temporal teaching in Zimbabwe
  • Currently a Teacher in Thailand
  • Moving back in 2020 to Zimbabwe to start her media company


After high school, Chipo was at home as a temporal teacher. She was then advised to get a scholarship by a friend.

After School have good advisers

When starting a business make sure you have the right links