Reverend Kenneth Mtata said Nelson Chamisa must stop his ‘whirlwind’ tour of lobbying for SADC members to convince Emmerson Mnangagwa to engage him outside the auspices of POLAD.

In a Herald article, Mtata said Chamisa must swallow his pride and recognise Mnangagwa as the president of Zimbabwe.

“The MDC-A leader must swallow his pride and engage and consider President Mnangagwa as the President of Zimbabwe.

Dialogue is coming, we need to prepare for it but it might take time, we do not need foreign intervention,” he said.

Mtata said MDC-A ‘s demands of a foreign mediator is not necessary as the country’s solution lies within internal parameters.

He added that churches in Zimbabwe expect Chamisa to engage Mnangagwa respectfully as he is the statesman of the nation.